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Active Astrology and the Solar Return Horoscope

Active astrology is a relatively unknown branch of this science, yet innovative and intriguing. It deals with the theory of Solar Returns and it is of Italian origin. The Italian astrological school was founded by Ciro Discepolo.

The above-mentioned theory of Solar Returns is an ancient theory which was lost for several centuries only to be brought back in the 1930s by Alexandre Volguine. He was the first to write a real text about the theory, outlining certain rules in his “The Technique of Solar Returns”. This technique is concerned with a practice used around the entire world by many of those who believe in the practical nature of astrology.

A solar return is an astronomic event that consists in the return of the Sun in the exact longitude on which it was found at birth. This return occurs on the day of our birth or, better said, when each of us saw daylight for the first time. In order to obtain the best results in studying this astrological event, we should focus only on the data regarding a person’s precise date of birth instead of dealing with the Sun sign in general.

The reason why a Solar Return horoscope plays an important role in our lives is that it concerns our astrological rebirth which takes place every year. It makes sense to prepare for our astrological “New Year” given that it is a fixed event from the day of our birth. Before beginning the calculations of a Solar Return chart for a given year, we have to make sure that we know our exact location on the day of our birthday. This yearly chart or horoscope can tell us how the New Year will be, it can define the advantages and the hardships that we will encounter during the respective year. Supplementing the Solar Return horoscope with the birth horoscope ensures the best results.

If a certain year’s Solar Return horoscope isn’t positive, you can change things for next year by moving in a different place. Circumstances and events change depending on where you find yourself on the day of your birth. Therefore, moving to a different part of the world may prove to be astrologically beneficial. This is due to the fact that by moving, the position of the planets and their aspects will change greatly in the Twelve Houses.

So are you ready to pack your bags and start a fresh new life in a different place? Or maybe your life is already amazing as it is, in the location that you currently find yourself? Active astrology can provide valuable insights into your life, potential, and achievements, so don’t be afraid to try it.

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