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Activate your abundance gene: Watch this interview of M. Ruby by Audrey Hope

If you read my recent article on DNA Activations, you know of my interest in activations of all kinds. In searching through some videos on the Youtube channel, I recently came across this video in which Audrey Hope interviews Margaret Ruby on the Abundance Gene or the Code of Abundance that's coming up at this time to be turned back on.

Margaret shares with Audrey in this interview that it is now "time" in our world for the Code of Abundance to awaken us. It's time for everyone to have abundance in our lives! We have been living under the Scarcity gene for long now, that we cannot move forward now without the Abundance gene. Our inherent blueprint is the Wellness and Abundance; and this is what we need to "reinstate".

Margaret was also told in a dream that it would be in America - where Freedom and Abundance for ALL has been the vision - that this Abundance Gene will be awakened. We've moved away from this gene during the last hundred years or so, but it's now time to turn it back on. A visionary artist that Margaret works with, Rita Phillips, drew the pictures of what Margaret sees in the dream state; and you can experience their teamwork in the Youtube above. You are invited to watch the Youtube above to activate your Abundance Gene. And then, see what is possible! How does it get any better than that?!?

To our Health, Wealth, and Abundance in all aspects of our lives! Dancing heart~~~~

p.s. Here's another youtube that includes a DNA of Abundance activation!

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