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Actions spoke in game 2 of NBA FINALS

Much to say about nothing, in that the flurries of comments and antics that were shown on social media after game one of the NBA Finals, when Lebron James had the worst cramping experience of his career. Calm, Cool, and Collective for the most part, except for the technical foul that he received, from a blown call by the officials in game two, the Miami Heat and King James managed to silence all their credits in the AT & T center Sunday night. After a quiet showing in the first quarter of game two, James went on a legend like performance, giving the Spurs everything they could handle for the next three quarters. Not going down without a Texas like gun slinging, the Spurs played ball and kept knocking their usual flurries of three point shots, looking like the legends, and champions that they are.

Lebron being Lebron
Lebron being Lebron

James was just too much to handle by himself, in that the mere look on his face instituted business and redemption from the agony that he experienced from sitting on the bench, feeling helpless as his teammate’s battle and lost to the Spurs in game one. Despite what happens tonight or the rest of the series, one can firmly believe that Lebron will never be the same, being in a helpless state, where he cannot do nothing for teammates, and athletic comrades, as he watched them being defeated by the Spurs. An assumption can almost be made, in that James may have told himself, this can never happen again, I will never ever put myself or you guys in that spot again. Game 3 is on the way, what will we get, one wonders?