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Action Mobil off-road RV specialist celebrates 30th anniversary

Action Mobil off-road RV specialist celebrates 30th anniversary
Action Mobil off-road RV specialist celebrates 30th anniversary
Action Mobil GmbH

Action Mobil – Austria’s off-road RV specialist - has three great reasons to celebrate. The company is 30 years old, its founder - Otfried Reitz - is 70 years old, and its new state-of-the-art workshop and production facility just opened. Over 150 people and some 30 Action Mobil vehicles and their owners were present for the 22nd International owner’s meeting – held recently in Saalfelden – and they were only too pleased to help celebrate these three milestones and to toast Action Mobil’s continued success.

The new production hall is seen as key to the continued growth of the company. Nearly 300 vehicles have left the factory since 1979 and the number of employees has doubled since 1995. The new facility will allow Action Mobil to gradually increase production to meet strong demand for its products from Europe and overseas.

Action Mobil was founded in 1979 by Stefanie and Otfried Reitz in the beautiful Pinzgau region of Austria. The company manufactured their first vehicle - with a hydraulically operated rising roof - in 1984. Action Mobil is renowned for the spectacular thirteen meter (42 ft) long, four meter (13 ft) high and three meter (9.8 ft) wide Desert Challenger - the largest all-wheel drive motor home in the world.

Contact: Action Mobil GmbH&Co.KG - A5760 Saalfelden - Leogangerstr. 53 - Tel. +43 6582/727120 - Fax +43 6582/727129 E-Mail: | Google Map for Action Mobil |

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