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Action Delayed in Iraq: Embedded Indecision

The decision-maker
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Clever People and Grocers

In my humble opinion, as an admitted lay person militarily, what Barrack should be doing immediately in Iraq:

1. Launching devastating air strikes on the ISIS terrorists, especially on the lines coming in from Syria in the north to cut their supplies, and on their positions north of Baghdad;

2. Launching an immediate counter-offensive with Iraqi and Iranian forces against the ISIS forces immediately north of Baghdad, from the ISIS left flank, after a feint head-on attack with bombing;

3. Form an alliance with the Kurds, and drop American SOF elements in with the Kurds and give them air support, because the Kurds are fighting the ISIS forces at Kirkuk;

The overall goal: Prevent an Islamist terrorist state from taking root in the region. We need not concern ourselves with nation building or democracy, we need stability.

But Barrack is, as usual, a day late and a dollar short. Like the writer character in Zorba the Greek, he thinks too much, and by the time he thinks it's politically safe to make a decision, it's too late. He has no business being President.

The reasons behind this debacle are many, but primarily it is Barrack's failure to force Iraq to have U.S. forces permanently placed in Iraq. See:

But now America must face the reality that Iraq can not be permitted to become a spawning ground and operations base for Islamist terrorism, to be used to launch attacks on our homeland. Here's the truth that the hate-America left refuses to confront:

Islamist terrorism is a world-wide ideology that seeks world domination, and operates through many nations, nationalities, and ethnic groups. It is a loose network that shares common goals and tactics. Islamism has been on a mission to do this for 1,400 years, and has slaughtered tens of millions of infidels as well as other Muslims in its centuries-long Jihad, which obviously began long before American foreign policy was a factor. What we face from this ideology in the Middle East, Asia, in Africa, and here at home is very real and ominous.

Those here in America who fail to recognize this reality, including Barrack, are essentially a 5th column, always acting to attack those who would defend America, and condemning nearly every act of valor by Americans in this war. (unless, of course, it can be attributed to his eminence Barrack, then it magically becomes a wonderful thing). In reality, Barrack has dangerously weakened America, both against the enemy of Islamist terrorism, and in Europe.

If this traitor is not impeached or if he doesn't resign, the consequences that America will pay for his years in office will be horrific.

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