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Action by Congress on unemployment benefits untimely

Think about it. You are unemployed and trying to survive. Your benefits ran out on December 28th when you were just scraping by. You are still trying to find work, but without luck.

Congress knew this and Republicans dragged their feet, and many openly opposed giving any additional assistance to the likes of you. Why?

They think you are lazy and worthless, so they are writing you and your dependents off.

Bill and Meilnda Gates believe that every life has equal value. Apparently, some members in Congress don’t agree. Nope.

So, January and February roll along, the coldest months of the year, and unemployed people and their families are hold up, trying to stay alive in America.

Now, we know that children need to be kept healthy so that they can learn and continue their education. They must do that for both their physical and mental health. Yet, some members of Congress would rather that children become victims instead. Why?

They must perceive that their value and worth is greater than the people that they represent. Is that correct?

Today, Politico reports that a deal has been reached to extend jobless benefits. Whoopee! Some may claim victory, but Congress has failed Americans and the unemployed because they are months late. Furthermore, Republicans are still on the record that they are not in favor of this action. Take their names and don’t vote for them.

There are no winners in this, just a bunch of losers running Congress.

“Jobless deal came down to wire

By BURGESS EVERETT | 3/13/14 4:17 PM EDT Updated: 3/13/14 11:18 PM EDT
Senators struck a bipartisan deal on Thursday to revive expired long-term jobless benefits following months of dramatic stops and starts on the issue.

After an afternoon of frantic negotiations, five senators from each party announced a deal that should finally deliver 60 votes necessary for the aid package to pass the Senate, barring procedural snags.

The behind-the-scenes horse-trading was so furious that the deal was not finalized until minutes before the 4:15 p.m. announcement. Many senators were unaware that their colleagues had just struck an agreement on jobless aid that has evaded the Senate for weeks.”

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