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Action Alert: Frogs Stabbed, Shot, Beaten, Killed

Stabbed Frog
Global Conservation Group Cruelty Investigation Department

Last July, a small town youth group by the name of "DeKalb County Young Farmers and Ranchers" hosted a fundraiser for high school graduates in which participants stabbed, shot, beat and killed frogs. The participants that collected the heaviest bag of dead frogs won scholarships from the money raised.

Stabbing frogs to death with pitch forks and spears is barbaric! This will result in frogs bleeding out or succumbing to shock or organ failure, these vulnerable animals experience a slow, agonizing death.

The Global Conservation Group's Senior Biologist, Susana Paco states "A method such as stabbing is extremely painful for the frog, who dies of massive hemorrhaging and usually asphyxiates on its own blood."

Unfortunately, the youth group plans to host this event again. Please join the Global Conservation Group in taking action to prevent future frog abuse. Politely call and mail the DeKalb County Young Farmers and Ranchers expressing your concerns and encourage them to consider alternative fundraising methods such as bake sales. Also contact the high school where the event took place:

DeKalb County Young Farmers and Ranchers:
865 South Congress Blvd

Smithville, TN 37166-2034

Phone Number: 615-597-7751

Patrick Cripps
DeKalb County High School

Mark Willoughby
Director of Schools

To contribute to the Global Conservation Group's campaign to save the frogs, please CLICK HERE.

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