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In today’s media driven business world, a headshot is a staple; whether it’s a corporate headshot, an actor’s headshot, or a professional photo you’d like to post on LinkedIn. Given the right director and photographer and lighting you can nail the perfect image of yourself. John Asadi’s Actingshotz capture the best ‘you’ with his tactful direction all while maintaining specificity of each individual breakdown, and detailed angles and lighting.

Just some of the many faces John Asadi brings to life.
Photo courtesy of
John Asadi
Photo courtesy of John Asadi

I joined Mr. Asadi on one of his photo shoots in Downtown Los Angeles. The location always depends on the clients wants. Today, his client was an ambitious woman in her early 30’s eager to jump-start her acting career. It was obvious Asadi carried 20 plus years of experience on his shoulders. He was very patient with this blossoming actress, giving her detailed direction to perfectly accomplish the ‘comedy’ look, then the dramatic shot, and finally the commercial shot. He paid great attention to lighting detail. The slightest move of her head would blunder the photo.

It was very interesting to see how Mr. Asadi created a set-like environment where his client felt like valued talent, and could express herself just as she would on a studio set. He placed her in scenarios to help those feelings, expressions, and her confidence arise. With the snap of the camera, the moment was captured. The final picture represents the most natural self. Another plus: Asadi is also generous in editing and re-touching pictures.

Mr. Asadi has several package deals all triggered to the wants and needs of his clients. “I understand the struggles actors go through between trying to make it and juggling their financial circumstances,” Asadi states. With that in mind, he creates packages that work for any budget. Ultimately, the experience is priceless. The day you step out with John Asadi is the day you really start acting and gaining confidence in your craft as an actor.

After years of producing his own international television show and learning from the best acting teachers and casting directors in San Francisco and Los Angeles, Asadi decided to open his own head shot business. It’s his time to give back to the people and the craft he lives and breathes for.

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