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Acting Success Now experts help actors achieve career goals by demystifying process

Robert and Michelle Colt of Acting Success Now
Robert and Michelle Colt of Acting Success Now

Ever wonder how an actor lands a lead role on a soap opera or how an actress books a major part to appear on Broadway?  In addition to nailing the audition and having the talent, the actor and actress mostly likely prepared mentally to achieve success.  For actors in Los Angeles, New York, Australia and around the world for that matter, studying and honing their craft, is often not enough to succeed in movies, films and theatre, according to Robert & Michelle Colt.  After noticing so many talented actors were not succeeding on screen and stage, the Colts created “Acting Success Now" workshops to help actors live out their dreams.

"Even actors with strong auditioning techniques and a high level of professionalism still have great difficulty having success," said the Colts, who answer the "why". Both Robert and Michelle, who trained as actors in New York, share their professional and personal experiences during the three-day workshop, divulging what they have faced in their careers and what they have learned along the way. 

For Robert, his first dream was to play professional sports. That dream changed he said after seeing a Robert De Niro film. “It was his performance in Deer Hunter,” said Colt. “De Niro was my entry in and Marlon Brando became a profound influence and so was James Dean.”

For Michelle, she admits she was bit by the acting bug before she was a teenager.  When she was 11, her parents took her to a theatre production. She said she was immediately interested in performing. Michelle worked as an actress in commercials and on stage. Working as a model, she appeared in many print ads. “For me, acting came extremely natural,” she said. 

“Seeing so many wonderful talented people that weren’t working or not reaching their potential at all, I had a deep understanding for myself because I experienced it,” said Robert, who came to terms with his own insecurities during that time. “I discovered exactly how that was happening. It was the most important connection for me to make.”

Besides insecurities, Michelle said she struggled with fear in her own mind.  "Another theme that came up in my mind was understanding the fear of having to shine," she said. “If people paid attention to me and complimented me, I thought something horrible would happen." Michelle knows she isn't alone with experiencing that sentiment. “I feel that having the experience of auditioning, being in the room and booking jobs, I just intimately understand what can come up in terms of blocking somebody from booking a job.”

Acting Success Now developed through Robert's keen interest and deep curiosity of searching how the mind operates, how emotions operate and how ordinary things can get in the way of an actor's success. “I had success as a young actor. I was very strong and powerful in terms of who was behind me in that brief amount of time and doors opening,” he explained at his workshop. It all came to a screeching halt after Robert tragically faced a setback due to a physical ailment.  “When I left acting, I went into other professions including real estate. Each time I reached a level of success I crashed,” he shared. “I started to see where people were really misunderstanding something very deeply about what it really meant to get out of your way."

Robert's research inspired him to help fellow actors overcome negative habits of being bogged down. He held his first seminar six years ago. Soon after, his wife Michelle jumped on board to tag team with her husband. They have been riding the success wave since. Combining quantum physics and neuroscience, the two teach and point out how the brain and nervous system function and how the subconscious process operates on the deepest levels.

Michelle, who also offers private coaching, said this experience has been rewarding, “There is something so gratifying, knowing that I’m able to assist someone else in that way."
“I’ve seen some really gifted actors walk into a casting situation and they tighten up,” said Robert. “We have demystified everything which is really good. Out of it comes a clear understanding and a professionalism and groundedness,” he added. “I’ve discovered that the demystification is the key to help so many people because mystifying it is a defense.”

The Colts claim that more than ten thousand actors have benefited from the knowledge, wisdom and groundbreaking insights of Acting Success Now. Robert and Michelle have also been invited by the Screen Actors Guild(SAG) and the American Federation of Radio Television Association (AFTRA) to moderate panels on dealing with Self-Sabotage.

The two admit their tools are not a quick-fix. Some of the tools they use are more than 5000 years old they say. However, once actors and other professionals apply them to their lives, both agree their clients experience rapid effortless success and positive life changes. “The natural tendency is the mind staying where it's comfortable,”said Michelle. "That is the main challenge for people. Are they going to move out of a comfort zone into a little bit of chaos and use the tools? Or are they just going to hang on with chaos?” She said people can move past it as quick as they can, using their tools.

Many of the Colts clients are Emmy and Tony award-winning actors and actresses, singers, dancers, writers, entrepreneurs, CEOs, real estate developers, educators, doctors, therapists, business and Life Coaches.  Both beginning and experienced actors, as well as anyone interested in reaching their dreams, are invited to attend a free one-hour seminar offered by Acting Success Now. Attendees will learn about their tools, their process and receive powerful information to help jump start careers. The seminars are being held on May 22, May 25, May 28, Jun 2, 2010 in Hollywood, CA.

For more information on the Colts and to register for the free seminars, visit


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