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Acting responsibly always comes before freedom

Children playing in fensed yard
Children playing in fensed yard
Children playing in fensed yard via

Sunday June 15, 2014: Sleep late and spend the rest of the morning puttering around your house and processing the "stuff" that happened over the past week (Moon Void of Course in Capricorn until 1:28 pm EDT when she enters Aquarius).

As the day progresses spend some time thinking about the connection between responsibility and freedom. Acting responsibly always comes before freedom... And being free always comes with responsibilities. True freedom is inseparable from responsibility. Which means if you're feeling the urge break free from any claustrophobic situation you must first choose to be responsible for yourself and aware of your limits and boundaries. Keep in mind that without responsibility "freedom breeds uncertainty... and uncertainty invites chaos".

For example: A loving parent might restrict their child to the back yard to play. If the child acts responsibly and stays within the given boundaries, she is given more freedom and allowed to go next door to play... but... more freedom means continuing to be responsible by honoring her new restrictions and boundaries. If the child continues to act responsibly, she's soon given the freedom to cross the street and play with her friends. As the process continues the child will grow up to be an adult whose has learned that true freedom comes with being responsible for her actions and aware of the her boundaries.

Today's Quote

Freedom makes a huge requirement of every human being. With freedom comes responsibility. For the person who is unwilling to grow up, the person who does not want to carry his own weight, this is a frightening prospect. Eleanor Roosevelt

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