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Acting III-Week One

There is nothing to go off of but my own experience at this point in time. Acting III just started Monday night. It was not what was expected, but actually much better. Right now the class consist of just one other girl and I, her name is Samantha. She was not in class on Monday though. Monday was a one on one course with our instructor, Matthew Pyle. From experience, he is a great instructor and cares about the well being of his students.

Inside the theater

Upon arrival he asked that I bring in a scene to read from the Wizard of Oz. He knew that auditions are coming up soon for this and that he could help. He also asked for a head shot and acting resume as well. Both of us were sitting in a conference room and the first thing he did was ask personal questions. Something like that always puts a person in a comfortable place. The comfort of knowing that others care about how comfortable another person is.

Being there to learn and listen is one thing, but sometimes it's nice to be listened to. 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' was next on the list, he wanted to hear it. He knew that a song was needed for this audition so we started with this song. It was very still and very quite, so then we decided to try 'Vienna', by: Billy Joel. By the third or fourth performance it was accomplished. All the thoughts and feelings that one should be thinking and feeling during a song like this were there.

Matthew was very honest in both harsh and in good ways, but that is what acting is all about. People think that it looks easy and maybe it does, but there is defiantly a lot more to it than what meets the eye. If one is looking for a career in acting, than the best thing they can do for themselves is find a class where they matter and find an instructor who makes them feel like they matter.

The Omaha Community Playhouse holds private, semi-private and normal classes. Don't wait, become a great actor today!

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