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Acting Audition Techniques- Week Two

The search for ones dreams continues on at the Omaha Community Playhouse with another set of classes and fresh faces. Instead of going to Acting III, the next class attended was an Acting Audition Technique class. This class gives one an inside look on how to prepare for an audition. A couple of good tips from the class are:

Acting Classes

1. Say thank you for the Audition; maybe offer a cupcake afterwards. Ha-ha.

2. Know that the directors are looking for someone who can take direction. No one likes a know it all.

It was the first day of this class so everyone was a little shy, the majority of students in the class had never done anything with acting before. The other students had some but very minimal acting experience. The instructor, Matthew Pyle, took time to get to know everyone and had everyone pretend that they were at an audition. He then proceeded to give them tips and direction.

Kelsey Cook is one of the students that is participating in this class. She is one person who has never acted before but has taken several classes at the theater such as, Acting I and II. One thing that she really likes is that the instructors actually give the students scripts to work off of. They also assign the students homework as well. Cook said, “show me the world of acting and the potential that is there.”

One can find more information about classes at:, also if one would like to start pursuing ones acting career early there are plenty of audition dates posted for upcoming productions. Good luck! Or should one say, break a leg.

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