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Act quickly to save lives - Macon Animal Control is full again

No animals were put down at Macon Animal Control (MAC) last week, but that reprieve is about to come to a tragic end.

Angel A245073 really is an angel that gets along with other dogs but can jump low fences.
Angel A245073 really is an angel that gets along with other dogs but can jump low fences.
Courtesy of Donna Arledge Segelken
Rufus, ID #A2455165, like every other dog and cat on death row, is hoping for someone to come and save his life.
Courtesy of Donna Arledge Segelken

Dozens of healthy, friendly, adoptable dogs and cats are now on death row, waiting for the needle that will end their lives. The last photos anyone will ever take of most of these dogs are in our slideshow.

Not exactly the Valentine these homeless pets deserve, is it?

The only way to get these pets out of the shelter alive instead of in body bags is for this community to get off its collective duff and help. How?

  • Adopt. If you are considering getting a pet, go to MAC first. Several pets not in our slideshow are available in the adoption room. Adopting one of those (if you don't find one in the slideshow you like) frees up a kennel that one of the death row dogs or cats can then occupy, taking them off the list.
  • Donate. You can donate a prepaid adoption fee ($75) so that someone who wants a pet but doesn't have that much cash lying around can save a pet. Alternatively, donate to one of our wonderful local rescues, which will allow them to pull a dog or cat off death row and pay for its care.
  • Foster. Contact a local rescue group and ask them to let you foster one of the dogs or cats currently on death row under their auspices. You will take the pet into your home and love it madly; the rescue will pay the expenses until the pet gets a permanent home.

Jumper, ID #A241795, can be seen in our video on tethering laws.

Libby, ID #A245135, is in the video at left. You can see from these videos that these two girls would make great pets.

Van VanDeWalker of Macon Animal Control posted in On Borrowed Time, a Facebook page for volunteers and rescuers who work tirelessly to save as many lives at MAC as possible, that the shelter is over capacity now.

"Yesterday morning I spent time with each and every dog at MAC, and can honestly say that not a single dog deserves to pay the ultimate price for something that they are not responsible for," VanDeWalker wrote.

Macon Animal Control is at 1010 Eleventh Street, off Lower Poplar, and is open until 5:30 p.m. every weekday. Call the shelter at 478-751-9200 for information.


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