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Act American... BUY American this 4th of July Weekend!

If you’re in the mood to do something constructive for your home this weekend, you’re in luck. If not, the Holiday Sales may put you in the mood! Build a tree-castle (a tree-house isn’t enough any more!) with lumber from Home Depot. BBQ your ribs on a new grill from Lowe’s. Stain and seal your deck with a bucket and brush from Ace Hardware. End-of-the-Season plants are 50%-75% off at almost every garden center. At The Floor Trader at 3000 Iowa Street in Lawrence, their IN-STOCK Sale features flooring items that are “Made in America”. Save AND enjoy your new flooring TODAY!

Our American economy will rebound twice as fast if we buy AND sell products made here at home. No money goes overseas. It’s a “win-win” deal to me!

Though there are more flooring choices than ever, the kingpin is still carpet. I’ll bet you didn’t know that almost one-half of the carpet for the whole world is made in the USA! US carpet makers are world leaders when it comes to fashion, production efficiency, “green” manufacturing practices and over-all value.

And, just in case you still believe the myth that American products cost more than imports, The Floor Trader’s “Made In America” sale prices will change your mind! American-Made Carpet and American-Made Vinyl Flooring from only .63/sq.ft. American-Made Ceramic & Porcelain Tile and American-Made Wood Laminate are marked down too. Save up to 70% of original value. Now THAT’S American Ingenuity.

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