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Across the Lego Universe

There's just endless possibilities here.
There's just endless possibilities here.

In the past couple years, Lego games have established themselves as more than just a childish adaptation. Developers have integrated the mechanics of Legos, into many of our most beloved franchises. The games have turned out to be extremely successful, and a blast to play, but makes us wonder how long this formula can last. 

This of course, is where Lego Universe steps in and invokes an entirely new form of excitement into our imaginative minds. Seriously, a Lego mmorpg? Why hasn't this been thought of before?

Lego Universe drops the player into a free-roam open world sprawling with plenty of happy Lego faces to meet and interact with. There's a fairly deep character customization in the start of the game, to give the player a surprisingly unique feel to every profile they create. So what is it you do in the Lego Universe? The core game play mechanics are not unlike those of any other standard mmorpg. There's resource gathering, looting, trading, grinding for new gear, you get the picture. The game does though, apparently lack a level system, instead using characters' accessories and equipment to determine their gaming hierarchy.

The building systems are obviously whats going to set it apart from other games. Your enemies in the game are built out of, well Legos and when destroyed can actually be reconstructed into a helpful object in the game. Your character holds an inventory of Lego blocks that can be used for many different situations. The game is said to be filled with much more platforming and puzzle-solving than others of it's kind, with the thought of building with your Lego block inventory to progress through each.

Lego Universe has certainly sparked our interest. Let's hope this is a start of another success for Lego games!

For more info, visit the Lego Universe site.


  • anon 5 years ago

    sounds like a bunch of hooplah. doubt it's going to take off. there are so many other mmorpg's out there, whith better graphics and gameplay then "lego". Wizard 101 is an example, i mean, they advertise in commercials, and they still do not get that many players. lego mmorpg shall fail, only thing that will make people play it will be the recognision of the "lego" brand name.

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