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Acquisition Proves to be Intelligent Move for Labor SMART

Labor SMART (OTC: LTNC), a demand labor firm in the staffing, acquired the assets of Jacksonville-based Qwik Staffing Solutions in May, 2013.

It is proven to be a very wise decision as Labor SMART has been posting record revenues since. Based on its current operations, there is every reason to expect for Labor SMART to continue to increase revenues. Its plans for expansion include more offices in more states, across the country.

The staffing industry is a $100 billion sector in the United States.

Within that, the demand labor segment is a $29 billion group. Over the course of The Great Recession, the demand for the goods and services of staffing firms increased greatly. Even with the economy recovering, business is booming as companies have come to value the lower expenses and higher flexibility of working with a demand labor firm like Labor SMART.

The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, is increasing the business.

Due to ObamaCare, companies with 50 employees or more must provide those who 30 hours or more with a very expensive health insurance policy. Of little surprise is that many firms are doing everything they can to stay under the 50 worker and 30 hour thresholds. A tried and true way to do that is with project workers from a demand labor firm like Labor SMART.

Even with its record revenues, Labor SMART is still undervalued.

The quarterly revenues of the company could soon be more than the market capitalization of the firm. That is very difficult to find for publicly traded companies. It is a very bullish indicator Labor SMART; and for investors looking for an undervalued stock in a booking sector.

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