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Acoustic vibe at Acadia Cafe

Acadia, interior
Acadia, interior
Will Conley

Acadia Cafe, located at the west bank epicenter of Cedar and Riverside, is a cozy, one room triangle of a bar specializing in acoustic folk music sets.  There official motto?  "No cover and no cover songs" meaning that they don't charge at the door, and they are very serious about bands not playing cover songs (even if they're just warming up with some "Billie Jean").  With a stage set up against the far wall from the entrance, any one sitting in one of the dozen or so tables or booths ( or even a stool at the bar), can see the stage.  Thanks to the fact that there sound man knows what he is doing, and even starts the applause after many songs, everyone in the bar can not only see the stage but hear the music as well.  This is because Acadia is a place people go to pay attention to the show, a refreshing experience compared to many bars who just seem to shove some musicians on stage to get people in the door. 

The bar has a surprising amount of less then obvious beers on tap from some local favorites such as Surly Bender to the never-heard-of-before like Tyranena Sheep Shagger Scotch Ale.  Try something you've never tried or pick out your favorite at there generous happy hours from 4-7 every weekday and there beer specials hours from 10pm to close on every night but Fridays and Saturdays.  But get there a little early, most every night Acadia closes at 1 am. 

Take this bar in with a tasty beer you've never tried before, settle in and get ready to watch a show.  With it's cozy-almost-quaint vibe and it's tasty selection of suds, Acadia is a great choice for any night of the week you feel like something a little more low key.