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Acne Healed Using Apple Cider Vinegar

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Why ACV Heals So Effectively

Acne healed using Apple Cider Vinegar can vary from person to person, but teens and adults with pimples can literally look to the kitchen cabinet for natural remedies. My family has been using this natural antiseptic or toner for several months and are so amazed with the acne healing results for minor and major breakouts. The "mother" of this natural wonder is packed with pectin, B1, B2, and B6 and mostly resides in the brown cloudy particulates that usually fall to the bottom of in this case Bragg's Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. I recommend using Bragg's because they have been serving the public for over 100 years and not only is its safe to use topically, but it's perfectly safe to drink and does not carry the E.Coli bacteria as the acidity in this cider is very effective in killing the 0-157 strains of bacteria found in E.Coli.

How To Use and Store

Bragg's Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar does not need refrigeration, just store in a cool dark place for the best results. I recommend 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water. Apply to pimples using the cotton morning and night, for that stubborn pimple, you can dip cotton into the prepared solution and apply to that stress zit for a maximum of 10 minutes and as you get your beauty sleep it will continue to dry the pimple overnight. Simply store the prepared solution in a sanitized glass jar with a lid along with a jar of cotton balls for your convenience. If you notice your skin becoming red and irritated, just increase the water ratio until your skin's pH becomes level. Keep in mind this really takes care of those aggravated pimples, but it can also be caustic to the skin, so use a lotion that is non clogging to keep your skin gleaming with a youthful appearance.

Remember the old saying, the people that mind - don't care and the people that care - don't mind!!

Please visit my articles with Highlands Ranch Beauty Examiner for more natural remedies that I personally use and give helpful tips on, I love helping people through caring the natural way.

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