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Acknowledging our service dogs

Memorial Day is one which is held in reverence by most of us. We have ceremonies for honoring our military men and women for their service on behalf of each of us. Most know that without this service we would not be a free nation to say what we want and protest what we feel is wrong in our nation. Many may take for granite what it means to say anything we want, tell our government we do not think they should have access to our person phone calls and text messaging; however that is a right fought for with the blood, sweat and tears of our citizens.

Now for sure this is a column regarding dogs. The truth is there has been little attention to what animals have done to help out in the actions to preserve our rights. Not many know that in 2000 then President Bill Clinton signed a bill allowing servicemen and women to adopt the dog they have served with whether in the US or on foreign soil. Every dog who comes home has given more than anyone would have ever expected. In a battle zone, they sleep on the soldier’s feet allowing for a more restful sleep, otherwise having to sleep with one eye open (so to speak) to be aware of the enemy creeping upon them.

The Military Service dog is not a mean dog or a fighting dog; rather they are as well trained as our troops that we send into danger. There is a War Memorial for these dogs and there are custodians of their stories. This Memorial Day as we way 'Thank You" to our military both in uniform and out, please say a thank you to the four footed solider who allows sleep, allows walking through a field with certainty of a clear land, can sense what is around the corner and does all this for a few words and actions of kindest.

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