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Acing the interview with a so-so resume

Many of us are usually looking to add to our resumes when looking for a new job. Bigger company, more job responsibilities, perhaps a management position. There is a lot of talk about tailoring your skill set to what the employer wants, but what happens if you just don't have some of the major requirements under belt? Even if you might be lacking a few key details here's what you should focus on during the interview:

• Emphasize your strengths; focus on what you do have.
• Outline exactly how you are going to acquire those missing skills.
• Tell your story. Make yourself interesting and capture the interviewers attention.

Felix Frey does a fantastic job of describing what you should do in order to really stand out during the interview process despite a mediocre resume in How to Overcome a Less than Stellar Resume and Nail the Job Interview
If you are organized, outline your strengths and how you can be an asset to the organization, it will make you a strong contender for the job.

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