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Achieving What We Want In The New Year…

By Steve Beseke, senior vice president and resiliency practice leader at think2perform –

It’s easy to set New Year’s resolutions. To keep on them all the way through is sometimes a different story. A terrific friend/colleague, Doug Lennick, tweeted his thoughts on another way to look at setting goals recently:

“As you plan for 2014, keep in mind most of what we do we do because of what we did. Work on creating only 1 or 2 new good habits.”

Sounds very straight-forward, but what does that mean – especially for those of us who are a bit long in the tooth? We have so much history that inevitably we fall back on what we’ve done. How can we find something new?

Well, I think it is all about perspective. A goal example of what I believe Doug is talking about is one that I will doing in 2014: Ask for what you want Developing the habit of asking for what I want – especially in business – has sometimes eluded me in my five+ decades.

Like so many of you, I was brought up to be very humble and that my good work will ultimately be noticed without any self-promotion. This has worked in many instances, and I’ve had a very good and prosperous work life. But I think I’ve expended far too much energy and self-confidence capital on waiting for people to see my “worth.” Not being upfront of what I want and what I can add has caused me unneeded stress.

How about you? Especially in such competitive times as today, how are you going to get what you want if you don’t ask for it?

A dear friend of mine, who invariably is upfront with everyone, said to me recently: “I am amazed at how quickly I get exactly what I want by asking. The worst that can happen is that someone says ‘no.’” He suggested to give it a try.

And that is what has disrupted me at some points in my life/career – the possibility of someone saying that word. Not in 2014 in any phase of my life… An example already is I have asked God to allow me to walk and stay as independent at this time next year. I’m not assuming anything as before…I’m asking for a bit of divine help as my body becomes much creakier as I turn 54.

What is on your want and need list? Set a new goal in 2014 and get it done. You don’t have to set many objectives…just work on one.

I also ask you to continue reading my articles, buying my books at and stepping back to feel good about yourself as we celebrate a fantastic New Year. You (and I) deserve much more than we sometimes think.

I hope you are enjoying life today!

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