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Achieving optimal health through diet

Everyone wants to be able to live a healthy life and it is possible to live a healthier life than what you are now if you only try.

Eat apples for better health
Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

How you might ask, can you try any harder?

Learn to read food labels and follow a few simple rules. Find out what you are really eating. Can you read the added ingredients printed on the box?

If not they might not be too good for your health. If the product has more sugar in it than what you would like then don’t buy it, replace it with a smarter food choice of a fresh fruit or vegetable such as a apple, peach, carrot or broccoli.

Do not buy processed foods such as anything in a bag, box, package or can. Although some can foods are healthier than bagged and boxed processed foods.

If you cannot find fresh fruits and vegetables year round frozen is the next best thing, frozen is usually always healthier than canned. But nothing beats healthy more than picking the fruit or vegetable off the tree or plant.

The best way to start getting healthier today is to start eating healthier today.

Start by eating only fresh fruits and vegetables, instead of processed foods. Fresh fruits and fresh vegetables can be eaten raw, lightly steamed or in a smoothie for the most nutrient dense meals.

Drink clean fresh filtered water. The cleaner the better, the water companies are putting all sorts of chemicals in your water supply and some of these additives are not healthy for human or animal consumption. To find out what your water company adds to your drinking water ask them for a list they must by law provide it to you at no charge.

Everything you eat and drink has something to do with your overall health be it good or bad. Be watchful of everything you put in your mouth.

To help yourself achieve optimal health through diet start a food journal. Keep it with you at all times. Write down every single thing you eat or drink even if it is only one M & M or a peanut. Everything counts.

Once you do this you will realize how much you really do eat in a twenty-four hour period. Most people would be surprised at how much they consume in one day.

By keeping this food journal you can see patterns of bad food choices and replace with healthier foods next time you crave something that’s not good for your body.

Before you know it you will be healthier and feel better than you have in a long time.

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