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Achieve your fitness resolution with high intensity training

It's time to start your success towards that resolution you made.
It's time to start your success towards that resolution you made.

With New Year's here and gone, many individuals have made a resolution to make a change in 2010. Most of these resolutions will involve losing weight and getting into shape. This, of course, means the gyms will be packed for the first two or three weeks of the year, but will then die off and eventually be back to the normal crowds. Although good intentions are a great start, the important part to achieving a resolution is to follow through with the promise you made to yourself. How is it that we lose motivation so quickly and manage to get distracted from workouts so easily? What is the key to sticking to a workout plan that actually works and that will keep you going back for more? With packed schedules, time crunches and short attention spans, most individuals have neither the time nor ambition to spend hours upon hours working out on a regular basis.

The key to getting an effective workout in a short amount of time is intensity. It is important to keep your workouts short and entertaining in order to keep you wanting more and to avoid giving up on your resolution for 2010. Gone are the days of a slow and steady workout pace. Sure it is easy to hammer out 1-2 hour workouts the first week of your resolution when you are excited and surrounded by many others in the same boat as you. The reality is that eventually you will not have the time or desire to stick to that kind of regimen.

What is the downfall of cutting your workout time in half? It is going to be hard work! High intensity training involves using large muscle groups to complete complex movements such as squats, cleans and presses. Yes, these can be difficult lifts and may take some time to learn, but they work. Combine intense movements with a short rest time and watch your body transform.

Keep in mind that complex movements do not all have to be, well...complex. You can get a great, intense workout by combining movements such as body weight squats, squat jumps, push-ups and pull-ups. They key to this intense style of working out is that you will be keeping your heart rate up the entire time. Not only will you be increasing strength with this technique, but your overall cardiovascular fitness as well.