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Achieve optimal cold and compression therapy with HyperIce

Hope Solo wearing Hyperice Utility device, retails for $90.
Hope Solo wearing Hyperice Utility device, retails for $90.

Prevent pain, feel-good and recover rapidly with HyperIce, the breakthrough brand behind dual-defense ice compression technology that works as a super-performing system to maximize cold & compression and deliver optimal cold therapy.

Whether you’re a fitness newbie, weekend warrior or play-hard pro, it’s hard to admit but everyone experiences athletic injury at some point in their lives and wants to bounce back stat. The rule of thumb and primary treatment for soft tissue injury used by health care professionals, world class trainers and athletes is R.I.C.E. therapy — Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.

HyperIce has taken this feel-good four-step method and amped it up by combining the power of cryotherapy (cold therapy) with compression all at once to improve skin contact with the cold source, offering cutting edge cold therapy. HyperIce was created by founder and athlete Anthony Katz in collaboration with the world’s best athletes and trainers who tried and tested the product to meet their standards: the result is a super-performing dual system that delivers the ultimate in prevention, performance and recovery in a state-of-the-art, stress- and pain-free and cleverly convenient way.

Each HyperIce device is composed of two premium parts that work together as a super-performing system to deliver optimal cold therapy:

The Cold component- The “Ice Cell” is the chamber that holds the ice made of a medical-grade material (containing latex) that’s formulated with antimicrobial properties to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. This ultra-thin but super-sturdy cell provides the “cold” therapy with a built-in “air release valve” to let out trapped air for closer contact — simply fill the chamber with real ice through its easy-to-use wide-mouth opening, seal closed, press the valve button to slowly remove excess air and mold the chamber against the skin to achieve close and comfortable contact. No need to worry about puncturing or damaging the Ice Cell, because it is durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

The Compression component- the “Ice Cell” pops into the “Compression Wrap”- a plush and super-comfortable 3mm dual-layered neoprene with Lycra Spandex and premium-grade nylon threading trim that’s long-lasting, feels good against the skin and connects the two components together. The “Compression Wrap” applies pressure to the “Ice Cell” and eradicates excess air via the “air release valve” to help skin achieve direct contact with the ice and provide optimal compression. The result is close, cold therapy that forms an “ice cast” around the targeted body part. The compression wrap not only provides direct cryotherapy contact but it also offers a custom-made and stay-put fit thanks to its ergonomic design and hook-system that uses multidirectional straps that allow you to shape and strap-on securely to make direct and precise contact to the desired body part.


HyperIce combines cryotherapy (cold therapy) and compression — together the two work as a super-performing system to maximize cold & compression and deliver optimal cold therapy. The “Ice Cell” works to minimize inflammation and diminish pain while the “Compression Wrap” provides direct and improved contact between the skin and cold source for the ultimate in prevention, performance and recovery.

When performed properly, cryotherapy can diminish pain, metabolism, and muscle spasm, thus reducing swelling and improving recovery after soft tissue trauma. Compression when used in conjunction with cryotherapy not only improves contact between the skin and the cold source but also aids in greater reduction of blood flow to the region and promotes an insulation effect, which may further reduce tissue temperatures. The combined effects of cold and compression therapy can shorten recovery time to get you back on the move to your peak performance. Plus, your joints and muscles can benefit from using HyperIce’s cold compression technology regularly as a preventative measure.


HyperIce offers five cold-therapy devices: Utility, Back, Knee, Shoulder, and Extended Shoulder to provide custom-made care and optimal cold and compression to these specific body parts, so that every nook and cranny is covered and carefully positioned to optimize form, fit, and function.

Examiner had the opportunity to put the Utility ($90) and Back ($120) devices to the test and reap the rewards from their revolutionary recovery and peak-performing results. The Utility device is a multi-use marvel that can be used on the ankle, elbow, wrist, calf, shin, knee, feet or hands — and almost anywhere else you can wrap and mold this generously-sized device onto, from wrist aches, tennis elbow, shin splints to plantar fasciitis (heel pain), the Utility helps to heal a variety of conditions. The Back device has literally “got your back” when it comes to back pain associated with exercise soreness and fitness injury as well as overuse from daily living such as standing on your feet all day or sitting at a desk in front of a computer for extensive hours — from stiffness, spasms, strain, arthritis, SI joint pain to sciatica, the Back device has you covered.

Both devices are very easy-to-use and require the same simple, speedy and stress-free method of application: just fill the “Ice Cell” with 2/3 ice (crushed/shaved ice works best) through its wide-mouth opening, place the cell on a smooth surface to flatten out and securely close the cap. Insert the “Ice Cell” into the “Compression Wrap” and strap the device onto the targeted body part. Make sure to gently press the “air release valve” every 5 minutes or so to release excess air and maintain close contact against the skin. Leave the device on for no more than 15 to 20 minutes (Please note: Do not leave on any HyperIce device on the body for more than 25 minutes at a time).

I’ve used the Utility and Back devices for the last few weeks now and consider them to be an absolute essential for everyday living and now a part of my feel-good fitness routine. As a runner, I’ve experienced swelling and soreness, and currently suffer from insanely painful and deeply frustrating shin splints on my right leg. What’s more, as a Reporter, I’ve experienced back pain from sitting in front of the computer typing for endless hours which can take a toll on your body, especially the lower back. I’ve put the HyperIce Utility device to the test on my right interior shin and the Back device on my lower back and have let them work their cold-compression magic while I lounge and move about.

Let’s just say I am speaking preventative and pain-reducing praises about HyperIce — gone are the days when I would have to hassle and spend a tedious amount of time using ice and gel packs wrapped in towels around my problem areas to lower the inflammation and soothe the pain. I no longer have to stay-put to treat my problem areas because HyperIce makes it cleverly-convenient to move around — I simply strap the device on and can stand, sit or walk around with the Utility and Back devices securely attached to my right shin and lower back. Moreover, these devices provide a satisfying cold chill and comforting compression that alleviates my aches and reduces my pain. After every use, I feel better and better and can begin to notice that these persistent pains are slowly lessening thanks to HyperIce’s cold compression technology. These devices definitely provide a cool chill factor to the problem areas while the compression offers a custom-fit that presses the cold ice against my skin for an overall healing effect!

HyperIce is a state-of-the-art and cleverly convenient injury prevention and recovery aid that uses a super-performing dual system to maximize cold & compression and deliver optimal cold therapy. It’s a must-have companion to use regularly and keep close by for pre- and post-exercise and everyday living.

The HyperIce Utility device retails for $90 and the HyperIce Back device retails for $120. To learn more and shop for these and other HyperIce devices at please visit

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