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Achieve luscious hair without washing

You don't need to wash your hair every day to achieve luscious locks
You don't need to wash your hair every day to achieve luscious locks
Photo by Cindy Ord

There is a sense of fondness a woman has with her hair. She often absentmindedly runs hands through it, feels the soft strands and smooth ends and twists the locks of lushness around and around and around her fingers. She might even inhale to savor the scent of her newly bought hair care products.

Women love their hair, women strive to make their hair luminous and women will do almost anything and pay almost anything to achieve their desired luscious look.

Thankfully, achieving gorgeous hair is easier than it looks. There is only one rule to follow. Don’t wash it.

The average woman washes her hair every day. She will lather it with shampoo, rinse it, lather it with conditioner and rinse again. From a very early age this is a ritual women go through every evening or morning. This ritual is followed by yet another routine of blow-drying, straitening, curling, teasing, hair spraying and styling. Unfortunately, all of this activity is bad for hair!

Hair needs oils and moisture to become luscious and thick. Shampoo strips hair of essential nutrients in order to strip the hair of oils as well. Likewise, blow drying frays hair out. Straighteners are no better. The heat applied to hair damages the end causing split ends to form and preventing growth. The same can be said for curling irons, crimpers, diffusers and any other heat-product women use to style their hair.

Furthermore, hair does not need to be washed every single day. All scalps get greasy eventually, but it is possible to delay the overwhelming “greasy” look all women fear. The scalp produces oils based on its depletion and history of depletion. Therefore, if a woman is used to washing her hair every morning, her scalp will produce adequate oils shortly after to replace those lost oils. But, if a woman washes her hair every other morning, her scalp will produce less oils the first day and more on the second day. It is therefore possible to go two, maybe three, days without washing hair and still maintain an oil-free head of luscious locks.

This process is gradual. At first, hair will appear greasy until the scalp registers that it doesn’t need to produce as much oil as it usually does. After a week of only washing hair every other day, try to wash it every two days.

If women stop washing their hair every day the benefits will shine through, literally. The shampoo won’t dry out their hair. They won’t have to blow dry their hair causing split ends and damage. They also wont have to straighten it causing it to fray and preventing growth. Most importantly, they will save time from not having to wash and style their hair every morning.

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