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Achieve a healthier lifestyle during Earth Month

Eoin Finn energizes your lifestyle with his 'Earth Body Yoga' DVD and his great advice for a healthier mind and body.
Eoin Finn energizes your lifestyle with his 'Earth Body Yoga' DVD and his great advice for a healthier mind and body.

The month of April means so much to so many, but one of the most common reasons to celebrate the month of April is because it is 'Earth Month.'

We all can most certainly relate to a hectic lifestyle, but taking some time out of your day to enjoy nature and all it has to offer, can do wonders for extending your life.

One expert who can attest to this theory is internationally renowned yogi and Blissologist, Eoin Finn. He attributes his constant state of bliss to the outdoors. Finn has found peace through teaching yoga, meditation, surfing and visiting ancient temples all over the world. These interests and hobbies keep him young of spirit and energized for life.

Finn has some helpful advice to bring balance to your life, not just during this 'Earth Month', but every day of the year. If you can incorporate yoga into your daily routine, you too will find more satisfaction and feel more clear and focused. It only takes 15-30 minutes of yoga per day. It is an easy tradeoff for sitting and attending to your social media through texting or emailing for that short period of time. A return on investment is sure to be realized quite quickly.

First, you need to create your own personal 'Zen' space. Light a sweet-smelling candle, pick a stress-free, relaxing view as your backdrop and any other ideas that get you to that special place. Learn more about your breathing and how each breath can relax you. As Finn so appropriately likes to put it, "Replace tightness with lightness."

To assist you in getting to that same state of mind, Eoin Finn created a new DVD the beginning of this year titled, Earth Body Yoga, which will get you on the path, not only to appreciating nature itself, but to taking advantage of all the benefits that it has to offer those who actively practice it. Feel the energy of nature enfold you. This DVD will connect you with nature.

Gratitude will bring about a healthy state of mind and body. Isn't feeling healthy what life is all about? Decrease your stress and increase your endorphins. No matter where you have been, where you are or where you plan on going, a healthy lifestyle means a longer and more satisfying life.

Check out all the lifestyle tips from Eoin Finn at You will be on the way to health, wealth and happiness in a few yoga breaths.

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