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Ace, voiceless victim of a failing economy

Ace, voiceless victim of a failing economy
Ace, voiceless victim of a failing economy
Brenda Gonzalez

Everywhere you look whether it be newspapers, magazines, or news channels the main stories circulating are those discussing the unemployment rate reaching an all-time high, and comparisons of our current situation to the Great Depression. People everywhere and from all walks of life are losing their homes and their vehicles and are no longer able to sustain their quality of life.

The plummeting economy has brought about much financial despair and a sense of hopelessness for people across the nation. But this economic despair is not only affecting humans, it is also having negative consequences on the voiceless, defenseless members of our society; those that depend on us for their care and wellbeing. What happens to them when we can no longer meet our obligations to them?

Many people have been the victims of foreclosed homes and have had to move to smaller dwellings and apartments forcing them to give up their prized possessions along with their beloved pets. Animal Control offices in cities like Detroit and many southern cities are experiencing long lines of people waiting to relinquish their pets. The ugly truth is most of these pets will not make it out alive due to shelter overcrowding.

One voiceless victim in south Florida is a 3 year old dog named Ace. Ace has lived with his family since he was a puppy. His life has been happy so far and he has enjoyed the company of a small male Chihuahua and a human sibling whom he loved dearly.

Unfortunately, Ace’s family has lost their home and is being forced to move to an apartment. Due to breed specific prejudice against bully breeds Ace is not welcome in this apartment complex. His owner reached out to rescuer Brenda Gonzalez to help find an alternate home for Ace to spare him from being euthanized
Brenda stepped up to the plate and was successful in finding a foster home for Ace in the Orlando area. But Ace cannot be adopted into a forever home without first being up to date on his shots, checked for heartworm, neutered and vaccinated so funds are desperately needed.
It will cost approximately $250.00 for all of Ace’s medical expenses.

If you can help Ace please donate via the below link.

Or you can call in donations directly to:
You’ve Got a Friend Vet at 352-429-0070 and specify the donations are for Ace’s vet care under foster Glenda Burgess.

Ace is not to blame for his family’s loss of their home, or for the fact that the shelters are overcrowded. He is an innocent victim of circumstances that was taken from the only family he ever knew and thrust into an already overcrowded system. He, like all of us just wants a chance to live his life comfortably and with the knowledge that he is loved.

Won’t you help Ace achieve his dream?

“He who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. Each one must do just as he has purposed in his heart, not grudgingly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”

2 Corinthians 9:7

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