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Ace Race in Fowlerville worth the trip


It’s over, I did it.  I made the leap and played in my first sponsored event, The Discraft Ace Race in Fowlerville.  The weather was wet and rainy.  The wind was mighty and the temperature was, well, cold.  It’s Michigan in October, what else should have been expected?

Ace Race Players' Pack 

Despite the horrible weather, the tournament ran smoothly and was definitely worth it.  The players pack that all the disc golfers in the tournament received were fantastic.  The disc that we were to use, called the Focus, has been approved by the PDGA for future tournament use.  The hat that was included in the pack was really nice and the sticker is definitely going on my car.  I also have the mini disc proudly displayed on my cubicle wall at my day job.

As previously written, the disc we had to use was a putter.  Admittedly, trying to ace with a putter was extremely difficult, especially for those of us without tons of power, and was a bit discouraging.  It was hard to get into a groove while also trying to battle the wind.  Players were required to play in groups of three or more.  In the group I joined, there was one metal hit and zero aces out of five players.

Ace Race Discs

The tournament director of this event also had a few side events set up, including a distance competition.  After watching some of the veteran players, I realized I have a long way to go on my drives.  The distance some of these guys got was remarkable.  There was also a putting competition which I tried and did fairly well in.  I finished at 28ft, 2 inches.

So, all in all, it was a pretty good time.  I wish I would have performed a little better in the Ace Race portion but I wasn’t expecting to do great.  I will be looking forward to trying again next year, Michigan weather permitting, of course.