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Accused Tampa shooter M.O.: Yelled about texting in another theater weeks ago

Accused Tampa shooter made a woman’s “blood run cold” when she heard about the Tampa theater shooting because that could have been her a few weeks ago. Curtis Reeves, who shot a man for texting in a theater on Monday, turned to her in a theater weeks prior when she was texting, according to CBS News on Jan. 15.

Accused Tampa shooter, retired cop Curtis Reeves, had another couple of texting run-ins a few weeks ago in a movie theater.
YouTube screen shot

Jamir Dixon saw the same type of agitation come over the man a few weeks prior to this theater shooting. While Reeves just gave her dirty looks for texting, he got very loud with a man sitting behind him texting on his phone. She felt very threatened in the theater.

Reeves said to the man behind him in a very loud, “Hey can you please stop texting?” Dixon said:

"It really hits so close to home. It really makes you think of how things could have went," Dixon said."...It could have been us."

Reeves shot Chad Oulsen to death on Monday in a Wesley Chapel, Florida movie theater. He also shot his wife, Nicole Oulson, who put up her hand to try and deflect the bullet away from her husband’s chest. The bullet went through her hand.

Both husband and wife were airlifted to a Tampa hospital. Chad Oulson died and Nicole was treated for her injuries.

Fox News is reporting today that the shooting suspect Reeves said he was in fear for his life after popcorn was thrown during his argument with Oulson.

This retired Tampa police captain apparently harbored some very ill feelings toward people who text in movie theaters. This seems especially true now after finding out that this shooting wasn’t his first run-in around texting.

When Reeves was arraigned, the judge found enough evidence to hold him without bond. The 71-year-old retired cop faces life in prison.

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