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Accused Tampa shooter: 'Impatience' a problem for Tampa shooter?

The accused Tampa shooter that killed one man at a movie theater had a "praiseworthy career" as a police officer before committing murder. On Jan. 15, FOX News reported that Curtis Reeves, 71, worked as a police officer for over two decades and always had glowing reviews. This, however, doesn't reflect the actions that Reeves took when he killed another man for texting at the movies.

"It didn't matter what he had done previously in his life. You don't shoot someone over a texting incident," said Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco. Interestingly enough, Reeves' past might have played a role in his act of violence this week.

You see, the accused Tampa shooter was known to be "impatient" and one of his supervisors made note of this particular lack of virtue. "Reeves has a tendency to be impatient in regards to legal matters and practices now in force ... and may be abrupt with complainants in some areas of the city," said the supervisor early on in Reeves' career.

Could this explain why Reeves was so quick to pull out a gun and shoot in the middle of a local movie theater? Some accounts of the ordeal claim that Reeves was attacked first and that he pulled out his gun in self-defense... but would you shoot someone who threw popcorn at you?

More on the accused Tampa shooter in the video above.

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