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Accused “Mom from Hell” sentenced

Samatha Starnes
Samatha Starnes

In July, a small boy bravely walked into the Upper Darby Policing Station located on Long Lane in Upper Darby and proceeded to tell the authorities there that his mom had beaten him with a belt then her fists for not doing his chores. Nashid Ali, a social worker who runs the center described that the small boy was covered in welts and abrasions which when counted numbered 27 different marks. Upper Darby Police Superintendent dubbed her the “mom from Hell” and yesterday her fate was decided by a judge in Delaware County Court. Yesterday, that mom learned her fate at the Delaware County Courthouse in Media, PA.

Samantha Starnes, 39, of the 7200 block of Radbourne Road, Upper Darby was sentenced to probation for five years and to after pleading guilty to one count of simple assault and also to complete anger management and parenting classes, and to undergo drug and alcohol and psychological evaluations. Starnes is also not allowed to have any contact with her son unless it is deemed appropriate by staff at Children and Youth Services. According to Starnes’s Facebook page, Starnes commented in June that "I will beat a b----'s a-- that comes in the middle of me and mines.....know it!! U better pray....ur gonna need it!!" Posts continued in June saying "Dont b messing with me when im mad,” The Facebook page was only verified by name and photos which were of Starnes.

Starnes pleaded guilty to simple assault and received the probation, but her child will be living with relatives until Children and Youth Services deems Starnes able to care for her son. Starnes was originally charged with simple assault, harassment, endangering the welfare of a child, recklessly endangering another person and possessing instruments of a crime, which was the belt that was used on the boy. One neighbor of Starnes, who did not want to be identified, said she often heard name-calling echoing through the walls of her apartment but was disgusted to learn about the abuse allegations. The neighbor stated that ““She really needs some help,” and that “They shouldn’t let her a** out of jail, no offense. Keep her in jail.” Superintendent Chitwood further stated that, “I believe that parents have a right to discipline their children. I think it's important today and I think it should be part of raising a child," He continued and said, "I think to brutalize your child. . . It's not acceptable. It rises to the level of criminality."