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Accusations Fly Over Downed Transport

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A Ukrainian military transport was shot down yesterday. The five man crew of the Antonov-26 survived the crash and blamed Russia for the attack. The crew claimed to be flying at around 21,000 ft. and it is said that the rebel Separatists do not have rockets that can go that high. The Separatists have claimed responsibility for downing the aircraft and some are leaning toward their claim. Most have started to believe that the transport was only flying around 6,500 ft. Here's the problem though when the plane first went down the first accusations were being leveled at Russia. This is where they are careful then a major conflict could arise simply by accusing someone.

Russia has for the last couple of weeks has been distancing itself from the rebel Separatists. Oh yes, months ago they were taking the leaders back to Moscow and wining and dining them but no more. Ever since the rebel Separatists decided not to listen to Moscow and talk to the Ukrainian government when a cease fire was announced and executed last month. Ukrainian President Poroshenko has stated that the government was going on the offensive and attack the rebels head on. At first the government was winning all battles but had recently taken some hits. The government has the rebels cornered in the areas of Donetsk and Luhansk. Donetsk a city of over one million people resembles a ghost town. Most believe an attack is going to come soon from government troops.

Russia on the surface really has distanced itself from the rebels and this is why for some the accusations that the transport was hit by Russian rockets. If this type of rhetoric continues eventually Putin might just attack the Ukrainian forces but for now the benefit of the doubt is in Russia's favor. Poroshenko needs to make some quick gains like he did in the first stages of the offensive otherwise he will find that his soldiers will be fighting street by street in attacking the rebels and that will cost many lives. More to come I'm sure.