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Accountability for Health Care Opponents


  • In Concert 6 years ago

    Speaking of accountability,
    Are you the same Michael McFadden who sucked the equity out of his home in Baltimore by repeatedly refinancing, whose home is now in foreclosure and who is now hiding at his Mother's house? Maybe that was the work of some nefarious lender who preys upon the ignorant and unwary? Are you the same Michael McFadden who is being sued by credit card companies for unpaid balances in the tens of thousands of dollars? Maybe that is the fault of someone other than yourself too? Maybe it's time to own up to who you really are and stop the self serving claptrap you scribble here.

    You pretend to like facts. What are the facts regarding your various legal problems? Your readers should know who you really are.

    Are you going to dodge these facts too?

  • Mark 6 years ago

    The lies are all coming from the left. Thank God we live in a world where we at least get to read what's been shoved down America's throat over the objections of 60-70% of the American people. Obama's been lying and tap dancing around the truth ever since the campaign. Lots to fix after 2012 but it will be done.

    So, are you that Michael McFadden ? Like I said on your last post it would go a long way to explaining your derangement. Sorry you screwed your life up so bad (really) but that does not give you the right to help eff up everyone else's too by posting the garbage you post. The left gets their way only thru lies. It's not something to be proud of Mikey.

  • herb 6 years ago

    Wow, looks like you are being exposed personally, your claims are all crap too.......when will Obama microchip you Michael? It's in the bill.....and so is the regulation and rationing of healthcare to older people, call it whatever you want, but it's there!

  • How do you like your tea? 6 years ago

    Here is VIDEO proof of a black racist Harry Reid supporter throwing eggs at the Tea Party bus in Nevada Saturday. Funny how THIS story is missing from the fascist press like yourself.

    And HERE is a photographic comparison of the Tea party in Nevada and the leftists in LA at protests.

    Who would YOU rather have for dinner?

  • herb 6 years ago

    thanks for the tip In Concert here's the link


    pretty funny

  • How do you like your tea? 6 years ago

    Do we look on the Judicial Website for this Examiners REAL self?

  • herb 6 years ago

    I just searched google for Michael G McFadden and Baltimore Sun, which he says in his bio he wrote for, and all I see is OP-Ed that what you consider writing for the Sun?

  • The Liberal Examiner 6 years ago

    In Concert, I'm not this person, and considering your ability to convince people that I am, I'm really glad you haven't accused him of being a Pedophile. I'm also kinda shocked that the Examiner has allowed all these personal attacks. I guess you have a score to settle with this person and we apparently share the same name. Still, I have no clue what this has to do with what I wrote. Perhaps there really are death panels!

  • In Concert 6 years ago

    "Oh what a tangled web we weave..."

    Is the picture above your column an actual picture of you or is it some other Michael G. McFadden?

  • Mark 6 years ago

    Yeah right, Mikey. And I'm the Easter Bunny !!!!!!!

    Tangled web, indeed !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • herb 6 years ago

    Wow two different Michael G McFaddens in the same try!

  • In Concert 6 years ago

    The gig is up! Your photo did you in!
    Your former neighbors say you always were trying to be something you were not. They point to similarly ridiculous rants you posted on the ButcherHill Yahoo group listserv.
    Why not come clean? Perhaps it's time for the Examiner folks to discover who you really are.

  • done in 6 years ago

    First you make us liberals look bad with your illogical, inflated, juvenile prose and now seemingly there is proof that you are also an unethical liar (maybe even a criminal)! Even some of the most despicable among us have issued their mea culpas and slunk off to a month in Liars rehab. Perhaps that takes
    more integrity than you possess.
    Your silence on the matter grows louder,,, and louder...

  • Liberal voice 6 years ago

    The Liberal Examiner says:
    I'm also kinda shocked that the Examiner has allowed all these personal attacks.

    I agree! This examiner is ALWAYS personally attacking good Americans with whom he disagrees.

  • Kat R 6 years ago

    I live in Baltimore and this is the same Michael McFadden who lived at 122 North Collington Avenue. He frequently posted messages on the Butchershill Yahoo! Website. His message was always the same: someone had done him wrong, it was never his fault. We all thought he was just another paranoid nut-case. None of us believed he was really an attorney. He once told a friend that he never picked up after his dog because he was "too important for that".

    I am sorry you lost your home and that credit card companies are sueing to get their money back. Maybe you are responsible for your actions after all.
    Good luck.

  • Mark 6 years ago

    My oh my, this just gets better and better !!!

    Too important to pick up after your dog ? I'd like to see you address that in one of your rants. Someone should be picking up after you every time you post a new "commentary".

  • Mark 6 years ago

    Looks like Mikey's gone into hiding...

  • herb 6 years ago

    Where is Mickey? Deadline is closing in Mike. 10 days and counting

  • Mark 6 years ago

    I think Mikey's away at an "Anger Management" retreat or something.
    I, for one, am on the edge of my seat in anticipation of his next "offering". Things are pretty dull around here without some comic relief.

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