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According to Cisco wearable gadgets will increase mobile data by 2018

Mobile data refers not only to phones, but "mobile" data is also transmitted by tablets, smart watches, Google glass, and health trackers.

Wearable gadget Google Glass
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

According to the networking giant Cisco, they predict mobile data traffic will top 190 exabytes worldwide by 2018.

As more mobile devices being used Cisco "expects the number of connections by wearable tech devices are to jump from seven billion in 2013 to 10 billion by 2018."

According to Cisco's Visual Networking Index "The wearables category will have a tangible impact on mobile traffic, because even without embedded cellular connectivity, they can connect to mobile networks through smartphones. Globally, traffic from wearables will account for 0.5 percent of smartphone traffic by 2018."

Cisco also cites faster speeds and more video as being a major contributor to the mobile data boom as well.

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