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Acclaimed web series The Louise Log is back by popular demand

Back by popular demand, Shorty Award nominated web series The Louise Log, returned today for its third season. Thanks to the help of a loyal fan base, which financed the critically acclaimed series with the help of a successful crowdfunding campaign via Seed & Spark, Anne Flournoy's comedic web series juggernaut can gain more steam in the form of fans and followers as it continues its run throughout 2014.

If a picture says a thousand words any given still from this show is at least good for twice that amount.
If a picture says a thousand words any given still from this show is at least good for twice that amount.
photo credit: Karen Sanderson

The Louise Log is based off the brazen inner-dialogue of NYC housewife/mother Louise (Morgan Hallett) and her day-to-day dealings as she consorts with an unbelievably peculiar group of relatives, friends, and co-workers all jam packed into short 3-5 minute episodes. The hit show which airs today expects to have the same comedic brilliance featuring relate-able themes played out by new and returning cast members.

One of the notable new faces to the web series is Morgan Hallett, who will be playing Louise, the role vacated by Christine Cook who left the show after its second season. Series creator Anne Flournoy was challenged with replacing Cook after it was determined she would be leaving last summer and by Flournoy's own admission, the Hallett has been a "godsend". Hallett, who has appeared both off-and-on Broadway, is just one of many talented actors breathing life into Flournoy's series this January-- the show also includes other talents that have appeared on-and-off on-and-off Broadway including Everett Quinton (Natural Born Killers, Drop Dead Perfect), Drama Desk nominee Joseph Franchini, Jennifer Sklias-Gahan, Jay Patterson, Wayne Maugans and Jayne Haynes.

Flournoy's web-series received valuable recognition after a tweet by noted critic Roger Ebert, recommending the show to his followers, gained traction on the social networking site. The show has also received veneration from a variety of industry contemporaries including Suzy Soro (Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm) who nominated the series for a Shorty Award and Eve Ensler (playright - The Vagina Monologues) who also showered Flournoy's series with praise. The popular web series features at least ten new episodes airing one episode per month beginning today and finishing its season 3 run in November.

This season on The Louise Log

According to the show's creator Anne Flournoy, fans can "look forward to Louise to get into bonafide hot water...not that she doesn't still have her neurotic issues being played out with that inner voice, but she's up against more real world, high stakes".

If episode one of season 3, How To Fire Things Up With Your In-Laws, is any indicator of what is in store for fans and followers of The Louise Log; expect the unexpected but with the same comedic brilliance from previous seasons with a strong cast of new and returning characters. Catch the first episode of The Louise Log now via youtube and The Louise Log website. Make sure to stay tuned with all things Louise when episode 2 of the new season is released February 27th.

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