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Accidents happen, even at Pearlridge Center

Accidents happen, some larger than others.
Accidents happen, some larger than others.
Tom Seale/

Heavy damage reported today after multiple cars were a part of a chain reaction resulting in one vehicle banging into the parking lot wall on the second floor and the wall falling onto two vehicles on the ground floor of the Pearlridge Center uptown makai side of the parking garage. Accidents are bound to happen, we just never expect something like this to result.

It’s a blessing that no one was seriously injured. The driver of car in movement was hospitalized and is in good condition.

Consumers take risks when parking in parking lots and garages. Regardless of whether consumers are there to go shopping or see a movie, eat or stop at the doctor, we trust the other drivers to follow the rules and laws in order for our own vehicle to remain safe. While some may endure dings or scratches while parked in a parking lot or garage, events like this multiple vehicle accident is not so common.

Some of the reasons consumers park in the Pearlridge Center parking garage is not only to seek shade from the noonday sun, but also for access to multiple stores. This parking garage is between Pearlridge Uptown and the stores surrounding Bed Bath & Beyond and Anna Millers. Shoppers also enjoy the small businesses like Monterey Bay Canners restaurant, which overlooks a watercress farm and Pearl Harbor.

Whenever parking in a parking lot or garage, remember to be careful around other vehicles and people. When accidents, like today’s incident happens, it reminds us why car insurance is important.