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Accidental racism

The fact that an envioronment of discrimination has been created in the Silicon Valley matters not if it is accidental or otherwise
The fact that an envioronment of discrimination has been created in the Silicon Valley matters not if it is accidental or otherwise

Is the subject of racism addressed in the Bible?

One would assume if God created people in His image, it would reflect the same variety as presented in the Bible with the creation of plants, animals, and sea creatures. The capacity for the development of all races from the prototype two in Adam and Eve in the creation narrative is more probable than the evolutionary narrative.

Environment, genetic precondition, and even food played significant roles of basic physical characteristics being prominently displayed as generation upon generation of humans demonstrated Mendel’s Theory that a reshuffling of the genetic code already present produced changes by micro-evolution. That capacity to change and adapt had already been pre-coded in our genetic structure by God.

Our physical characteristic should not be of any real consequence because if God wanted no intermixing of people, then there would be a distinct barrier as stipulated by “animals or creatures reproducing after their own kind”. It is not genetically possible for reproduction between species to take place. Even with the manual manipulation between horses and donkeys, the hybrid off spring of the two in a mule is sterile.

There has never been a problem of offspring coming from two racially different individuals. The only problem has been the manufactured issues that come from having race related prejudices from humans.

The Bible has an example of God dealing with a case of racism when Moses married an Ethiopian woman after the death of his first wife. One can debate the new wife came from the Ethiopian peninsula nearby and was possibly Arab, but more than likely the new wife was black from Ethiopia.

Oh horror of horrors, Batman!!

Now of course it was unseemly even back then to speak directly about any racist ideals, so Miriam used the smokescreen about God also speaking though them as an excuse for Aaron and Miriam’s rebellion against Moses’ interracial marriage. More accurately God did speak through Aaron because of the speaking impediment of Moses, but God did not ever use Miriam. Gossiping against Moses about marrying an Ethiopian woman and claiming God spoke through her was about to get Miriam into trouble.

God came down to the entrance of the Tabernacle Himself to take care of this outrage in a pillar of the cloud, perhaps it was the shekinah glory. After God’s verbal rebuke of Aaron and Mariam, the cloud departed and Miriam became leprous as white snow. There is such a thing as being too white.

This brings us to current day reality because the specter of racism continues to exist in the progressive Silicon Valley, which is turning out to be not so progressive for minorities. Perhaps this is why Jesse Jackson and entourage came to this technology region to address the issue.

Buried on page nine on June 26th of the edition of the San Jose Mercury was a telling story about worker diversity involving Facebook’s racial makeup of employees. Reporter Sarah Frier of the Bloomberg News published a story about Facebook releasing a diversity report which set the percentage of white or Asian employees at a robust 91% of the workforce.

This means African Americans and Hispanic heritage workers combined make up 9% of Facebook’s workforce.

Splitting equally the leftovers means 4.5% blacks and 4.5% Mexican-Americans establishes a much lower representation than the population.

It is no wonder this shameful result was put on page nine. The actual numbers of blacks at Facebook is far worse than admitted by Facebook management.

The demographics from Yahoo, Google and LinkedIn are hardly that much different. In typical fashion the small story in the Mercury talks more of the lacking of females in the workforce than the poor minority representation. The lower percentage of females in the four model Silicon Valley businesses is reasonably acceptable while numbers for blacks and Hispanics are not.

Facebook’s blog posted yesterday an update from Maxine Williams, Facebook’s global head of diversity with this comment, “Since our strategic diversity team launched last year, we’re already seeing improved new hire figures and lower attrition rates for underrepresented groups.”

So, you are saying that the diversity figures were actually worse last year and those small percentages that Facebook carried were having blacks and Hispanics leaving? It would be more effective to know why the small percentage of blacks and Hispanics were leaving these jobs.

Perhaps blacks and Hispanics lack the “necessities” for advancement as claimed by a Los Angeles Dodger executive, or blacks and Hispanics “can’t swim”. Or maybe blacks and Hispanics should not be allowed to associate with other ethnic groups as required recently by the words of the Los Angeles Clippers owner. These comments are decades apart, but the result of articulating them appears to be the same.

Accidental racism has been retreaded time and time again and there remains a basic conclusion that supersedes all excuses given for the continued under representation of minorities and that is:

Any hiring process that creates an under representation of minorities whether intentional or not intentional is classified as DISCRIMINATORY.

This describes Facebook’s, Google’s, LinkedIn’s, and Yahoo’s hiring practices who have established their workforces long after this discrimination standard came into being.

It is amazing the track record of accidental racism.

We have already seen “good old boys clubs” and it is a travesty that our technology companies that are allegedly leading the way to enlightenment would have the sin of preferred treatment present in their work force. Facebook’s own records reveal a lack of blacks and Hispanic workers, plus a problem of losing what little blacks and Hispanics that are employed by attrition.

The Silicon Valley is producing the same work environments as a confederate redneck carrying a gun rack in the back of his pickup with a dog named "Blue" is no different. Yes, hopefully you dropped your electronic device in shock.

Losing minority talent by attribution is hardly a ringing endorsement for the corporate culture concerning Facebook, particularly when a strategic diversity team at Facebook is created a year ago to “deal with the problem”.

The lack of hiring or promoting of minority employees is really not that complicated to figure out.

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