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Accidental Homeschoolers Unite!

An "Accidental Homeschooling" Moment!
An "Accidental Homeschooling" Moment!
Peter Brent Close

So, are you homeschooling yet?

It seems that there are a lot of homeschoolers out there who didn't start out that way. Many people fully intend for their children to attend a mainstream school. They start their child's 'formal education' by placing them in school, just isn't right. It doesn't work. There are many reasons it might not work; family structure, illness, gifted and other special needs that aren't well met through a traditional classroom setting. Many people, when considering their options, first try changing schools. Then it finally hits them. Homeschooling is the best option.

So many people mistakenly believe that homeschoolers are philosophically dedicated to homeschooling. I've found that this is rarely true! Most people who are homeschooling do it because it's the best option for their children.

When it came time for my oldest son to start school, there was never any question about putting him in the public school system.  I had a great career, we had a great nanny to watch little brother, there was a great Charter School within walking distance from home. I had no reason to believe that was not the best  choice for him, and actually, he did really well his kindergarten year. He had a wonderful teacher that appreciated his talents and ignored his faults. He loved his teacher and enjoyed going to school every morning. Then came First Grade.

Mistakenly, I  believed that we had found the 'perfit' school. (Perfect+Fit) I was so, so wrong. My son began having problems in the first semester. Just because it had worked well for one year didn't mean it was a match for the next!  While he had been happy and asked to go to school every single day in Kindergarten, he now started to ask if he could stay home with the nanny. I began looking for reasons, and tried to get him into another classroom at the same school. He did get to visit another classroom, but a total change was not allowable. I demanded he be tested, and after seeing his results requested he be moved to Second Grade. Well, that was not on option per the administration. They felt he was not "Mature" enough to be with children older than he.

Second Grade was spent (and lots of dollars with it) in a Private School. Third Grade, a new neighborhood school, Fourth Grade, we closed up our house and moved 30 minutes across town to try a different school with an immersion program for gifted children. Fifth Grade, we SOLD our house and moved to another STATE!

Then someone suggested homeschool. My first thought? NOT I! I had been homeschooled and still had mixed emotions about it. But now, after 6 years of struggling to find the answer, we are in our third year of Home Education! Today we are studying our personality profiles (I am an ENFJ, he is an ISFP) and taking a road trip to Gastonia. Book work can wait until tonight.

Accidental Homeschoolers? Yeah, that's us. Happy Homeschoolers? Yeah, that's us, too!


  • Pat Anthony/Charlotte Healthy Living Examiner 4 years ago

    Many find they are accidental home schooling their kids. The important thing is that children learn-it doesn't matter where they do this.

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