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Accessorizing tips

Beaded Cascading Chains by Forever21
Beaded Cascading Chains by Forever21

The easiest (and most budget-friendly) way to enhance an outfit is to accessorize. Whether you add a simple beaded necklace to a t-shirt or a headband to a dress – making this simple addition is all it takes to step up an outfit.

“I love to add a headband or long chain necklace to a plain t-shirt! It is an easy way to personalize my outfits,” says a UF student.

The rule to accessorizing with jewelry is balance. You can have too much, so be aware of this.

Helpful tips for jewelry:
• If you want to wear big earrings, go light with the necklace but you can wear a big chunky bracelet or ring.
• If you choose to wear a large necklace (whether it is long or has a large pendent), go with small studs for earrings.

Headbands, hair clips, flowers and bedazzled bobby pins are also a wonderful trend at the moment. These can also add tremendous style to an outfit but much like other accessories, balance is key.

Helpful tips for headbands:
• Use a bold color headband if you are wearing neutral colored clothes, and visa versa.
• If you choose a large headband (with a big flower, etc.) be sure to go light with other jewelry accessories.

The golden rule is that you should only wear one large accessory at a time. So although you may want to wear your new chandelier earrings and triple-chain necklace – please resist and only wear one at a time.

Since many of these items are trendy and will probably be out of season by next winter, these are items that you should not splurge on. So check out Forever21 and ForLove in the Oaks Mall to find accessories for $3 - $15. 

Oaks Mall
6419 Newberry Rd.
Gainesville, FL, 32605
(352) 331-4411


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