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Accessorize tea time with Zen Breeze pendants

Zen Breeze offers paintings with a variety of subjects, including teapots
Zen Breeze offers paintings with a variety of subjects, including teapots
Zen Breeze

How do you like your tea: “strong, with milk, or around your neck?”

Laura Milnor Iverson, the artist behind Zen Breeze
Zen Breeze

Typically enjoyed from the cup, tea can also be appreciated in other creative forms and with Zen Breeze jewelry, you can accessorize with pendants that capture beautiful tea scenes. Laura Milnor Iverson, reached yesterday for an inteview, is the California artist behind Zen Breeze. She started selling her art in 2002, but adds “I’ve been creating art as long as I can remember”.

Asked what made her choose teapots as subjects for some of her art, Iverson says "I love tea, I pretty much don't drink anything else. I have been collecting teapots in various forms for many years."

Of special interest to Iverson are tetsubins, (Japanese cast iron teapots). "I'm drawn to tetsubins and other Asian teapots, which fit in well with the zen themes of my art. I have a miniature tetsubin I found at a swap meet that is a frequent model and a prize possession."

Iverson's art career was inspired by her father, also an artist, and she remembers as a child watching him paint. Their family home had an add-on space where her father had set up a big easel to accommodate the large paintings he liked to work on. After he passed away in 2001, his artwork provided solace and guidance. "His paintings" says Iverson, "were such a comfort to me that it gave me the incentive to pursue art full time."

All of Iverson's jewelry are handcrafted and the pendant scenes are taken from her paintings. Although the California artist paints subjects other than tea, the hot drink is part of her everyday routine no matter what she is working on.

"I start my morning with tropical green tea", says Ivernson. "I find the tropical flavor is a great way to start the day. I then move on to something else, often peach green, but I might do a sencha. After four o'clock, I knock off caffeine and switch to
tisanes." Two of her favorites are chocolate mint rooibos and a green
rooibos blend.

Iverson says her teapot series is one of her favorites to paint and she plans to do more. "I have a number of new ones planned. I keep a painting 'to do' list with ideas."

With more in the teapot series to come, Zen Breeze will continue to provide more ways for tea lovers to enjoy their favorite drink.

To learn more about Zen breeze and Iverson's variety of artistic products, including the teapot scene pendants, go to

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