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Accessories That Help with Travel Emergencies #2

Accessories That Help With Travel Emergencies #2-slide0

Following are some useful items to pack along to help deal with the rigors of the road.

Travelon Hair Dryer and Curling Iron
For those times when one needs to look polished without carrying along all their beauty gear, check out these two items from Travelon. Their Travel Hair Dryer offers two heat and two speed settings for optimal performance at 110V or 220V. After use, this dryer folds into the size of a softball for easy packing. The dual voltage 6" mini Ceramic Flat Iron with a 6 foot cord is ideal for those looking to polish up their look without lugging along a full size flat iron. This iron can also function as a curling iron.

Travelon Flat-Out Hanging Toiletry Kit
This toiletry kit can lay flat in a suitcase to allow for maximum capacity or or zip closed to form a compact kit. Among this kit features include a front zip pocket, 4 loops for brushes and 4 zip compartments with clear pockets that enable one to see all of the contents. Upon arrival at a destination, hang the kit on the back of the door or a hook and voila, all toiletries are in plain sight with easy access.

Lewis N Clark FeatherLight Pouch and Expandable Packing Cube
Keep one's luggage organized with these incredibly lightweight pouches and cubes. The FeatherLight Pouches have mesh panels for visibility and breathability and come in three sizes ranging from 6" x 2.5" x 8" to 14" x 2.5" x 10." The larger pouches work very well for packing socks, belts, ties and undergarments. Use the smallest size to organize power cords, receipts, power cords and other small accessories. The FeatherLight Expandable Packing Cube has the same qualities as the pouches with an added 3" expandable compartment for maximum storage when packing shoes, ties, undergarments, socks, belts, shorts, and t-shirts.

Nalgene Travel Kit with Bag
This one quart durable see through bag replaces the disposable one quart Ziplock baggies used to pass through TSA screening. Included are four sub 3 oz leakproof bottles with color coded caps; a Q-tip vial, and a straight sided jar for pills. The leakproof zipper prevents spillage should any of the contents leak by accident. An attached carabineer allows one to hang the bag upon arrival.

Travelrest® travel pillow and 4-in-1 Travel Blanket
This portable and compact pillow inflates easily and is designed nestle against the neck and head to provide comfort and support when one needs to take a nap on a plane, train or bus. The pillow attaches to any seat or thanks to the tether cord this pillow can be used if one needs to rest sans seat. When not in use, the pillow attaches easily to one's luggage so one won't lose this pillow in transit. Pair this with their 4-in-1 Travel blanket, a poncho-style micro-fleece blanket (38" x 60") that can also be used as a pillow for neck, head and lumbar support. A built in carry case with a strap enables one to secure this blanket in transit.

Women's Give-N-Go® Lacy™ Bikini
With this pair of underwear, Ex Officio proves one can be functional and feminine. This pair of quick drying and highly breathable lacy underwear is treated with Aegis® Microbe Shield™ to maintain freshness. Take two of these pairs along for a trip and be ready for a day of hiking or a night of dancing.

La Fresh Travel Lite® wipes
These biodegradable and compostable wet wipes come help with a myriad of messes, and are packaged in individual one use wrappers for ease of use. Among the products they carry include shoe shine wipes, nail polish remover pads, feminine hygiene wipes, antiperspirant wipes for women, inspect repellent wipes, anti-bacterial wipes, facial cleansing wipes, and lens & screen cleaner wipes

Breathe Healthy® Masks
Those who tend to use face masks when traveling to filter the air might want to switch to the a Breathe Healthy® mask. These masks offer washable, reusable respiratory protection with the use of a treatment known as AEGIS Microbe Shield®. This treatment lasts for the life of the mask, so one can wash it repeatedly and continue using it.

Travellers looking to protect their eyes, nose and mouth can check out ReadiMask's Particle Mask with integrated eye protection. These hypoallergenic, latex free and disposable masks come in adult and children's sizes and prevent contaminants from entering the perimeter while allowing one to breathe with ease. An anti-fog eye shield enables one to see while wearing the mask. Also, the mask is eye glass compatible as the glasses go over the eye shield. For those who do not need eye protection, ReadiMask makes a half-mask which protects the nose and mouth.

Queasy Pops
Ease one's stomach made with these natural drops made with dried cane syrup, corn syrup, citric acid, natural flavors (made with essential oils) and natural colors. Also these drops can help with dry mouth and give one a natural energy boots. They come in lollipop or lozenge form and come in sour raspberry, green tea with lemon, ginger, banana or natural cola flavors.

Lewis N. Clark Stain Remover
This stain remover is the size of a marker and can be tucked away a travel pouch and then pulled out to help remove fresh food and drink stains including tea, wine and coffee.

Helinox Travel Trekking Umbrella
Those looking for a light weight travel umbrella that offers more coverage than what one finds in a micro travel umbrella can check out the Helinox Umbrella. This ultra lightweight umbrella weights only 7.5 oz with a fixed length of 25” and opens to a 38” diameter. The DAC TH72M shaft and fiber reinforced plastic ribs prevent breaking when the winds pick up while the umbrella's UPF 25 blocks 96% UV radiation.

This lightweight colorful band of fabric is the perfect travel accessory to carry along to jazz up your wardrobe. Put one of these bands on under a low cut top or dress for those times when you need a more conservative look. Also, this band creates a layering look without the bulk when traveling in warmer climates. Also, prevent low rider jeans from showing too much skin by placing this band around the hips.

EZ Sleep Travel Pillow
This comfy oversize pillow is not only comfortable but it can help shield one from unseemly seatmates when traveling. Place this pillow up vertically and it serves as a barrier should a fellow passenger continue sneezing and coughing. Also, for those times when one needs to get to sleep or read a book and one's seatmate will not take any hints that one needs peace, just put up this pillow and become instantly separated from this noise.

This digital mailbox and filing service can help keep one organized automatically. So one can have key info readily available while on the go. Thanks to a fetch technology, users can have all their statements and bills delivered automatically for ease of viewing and storage. Smart labels tag and analyze documents based on content ranging from medical records to financial statements. This service is free for the first six connections to more than 300 US vendors. For more connection, choose from a range of different low-costs plans according to one's individual needs. Currently, this app is only available for iOs devices though an Android version is due shortly.

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