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Accessories that could make Google Glass more stylish

Google Glass Accessories
Google Glass Accessories
Photo by Andrew H. Walker

Google Glass released new frame designs created by their in-house designer, Isabelle Olsson. Currently there are four available titanium frames called Curve, Split, Bold and Thin and two new twist-on tinted shades (via Fast Company). Adding the frame onto Google Glass costs an additional $225. So far the look of the new frames have gotten positive feedback and according to Rebecca Greenfield from Fast Company, Google Glass has less of the “blatant cyborg vibe” with the new frames.

However, if you don’t feel like spending an extra $200 or so on prettier frames that many are joking look Warby Parker-esque, there are companies who have made accessories in order to improve the look of Google Glass. PixelandPrint is an Etsy shop owned by Daniel Ward in New Orleans. Among a variety of wonderful tech accessories such as an Android cupcake or holiday bell, PixelandPrint also sells Google Glass ear bud covers. They’re made to order so you can choose from the designs Ward features in his store or ask him to make custom ones.

Another store that caught our eye was GPOP – make your gadget pop. GPOP has a line of vinyl skins for Google Glass. They offer designed skins or plain matte ones and collaborate with PixelandPrint to create a streamlined look.

According to Mashable, Google has claimed that they will be releasing more styles in the future. Wearable technology stands at the perfect crossroads between fashion and technological function, a new territory that will no doubt continue to evolve.