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Accessing services in augusta, ga.

small blessings
small blessings
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How to access services

Parents of children with autism, no matter where a child falls on the vast spectrum, need support. Pertinent information from The Autism Society of America – Greater Georgia Chapter can be located at their website: .

The MHDDAD (Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Addictive Diseases) helps patients and their families who are among the ever growing autism community. There is a regional office here in Augusta, Ga. that offers a variety of services for our local children.

Services provided include assisting families in getting support and choosing which providers will best fit their needs, overseeing consumer protection activities, setting priorities for the use of funds to meet the Augusta area’s local needs, investigating complaints concerning services and ensuring these are resolved, monitoring provider performance, and working with other local agencies to locate additional resources.

Augusta falls into Region Two of the 5 Regional Offices throughout Georgia and can be reached by phone or mail. Their contact information is as follows:

Region Two MHDDAD Office
3405 Mike Padgett Hwy., Building 3
Augusta, Ga. 30906


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