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Accessible transportation abounds in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City

Winter weather affects travel
Winter weather affects travel
Photo: AP/Charlie Neibergall

“Winter Weather Advisory.” This phrase has echoed all too often lately in the Corridor area. For those with disabilities, the snow, ice, and frigid wind can be especially harrowing. Local transportation services for the disabled are invaluable at times such as this. Thankfully, the services in the Corridor area are abundant.

To top the list are the services of Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. All Cedar Rapids city buses on the fixed-route service are equipped with handicapped-accessible lifts or ramps. For those who are unable to access the city bus route, Linn County’s LIFTS program can assist. This Para-transit service is available during the same hours as the city bus service, 5:50am-7:15pm Monday through Friday, and 8:25am-4:50pm Saturday*. The city’s Transit Department has also developed the CABS program, which provides nightly service to and from work for those who are deemed eligible by local human services agencies.

Iowa City Transit’s fixed-route service is also available for those with disabilities. Buses run 6am-10:30pm, Monday through Friday, and 6am-7am Saturday*. With a qualifying pass, disabled riders can ride for free during off-peak hours, 9am-3:30pm and after 6:30pm, Monday through Friday, and all day Saturday. Additionally available for those who cannot access the city bus route is the Johnson County SEATS program*.Verification of eligibility is determined by Johnson County Human Services or the Social Security Administration.

Thanks to services such as these and numerous others in surrounding communities, disabled citizens can be confident in their ability to survive this tough winter season. In the words of local meteorologist, Joe Winters, “You have got to love an Iowa winter!"

For additional information, call Cedar Rapids Transit at (319) 286-5573 or Iowa City Transit at 319-356-5151.

*Hours of service and arrival times vary based on route/location.


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