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Accessible Chicago restaurants with a twist

This photo was taken while at Olive Garden
Photo by Morgan Amos

Looking for accessible restaurants within Chicago? Well look no further! While there are many, here are the ones chosen, but with a twist. Included with the accessible restaurants are restaurants that are not as accessible to people with disabilities.

List of accessible restaurants:

• T.G.I. Friday’s
At T.G.I. Friday's, the staff is very attentive, obtaining entry into the establishment is easy, and the food is great! Not to mention that the drinks are to die for.

• Exchequer Restaurant
This is a lively joint. There’s a bar upfront as soon as you walk in with seating available towards the back. Aside from having good food, the décor has this family atmosphere.

• Panera Bread
We’ve all been to this restaurant at some point or another. So how did it make it on this list? Aside from being spacious, accessible, and having good food, this restaurant is located in the heart of downtown Chicago which makes it an attraction for locals and college students!

List of non-accessible restaurants:

• Osaka Express, Inc.
This is for all you sushi lovers. Unfortunately, this establishment is not accessible. While it has an accessible push plate on the inside of the eatery, it is hard to maneuver around once inside. It is very narrow and practically standing room only.

• Flaco’s Tacos
If you’re ever downtown and craving Mexican ,this is the place for you! Great food, atmosphere, and they have a drink called Horchata (rice water, cinnamon, and milk) that is amazing! Gaining entry into this place is difficult for people in wheelchairs.

In order to enter into this restaurant, you must first push a button located on the outside of the building. This button let’s someone inside know that a customer outside needs assistance getting in. A staff member then comes with two pieces of wood, places them on the steps and then aligns the wheelchair to the wood helping to roll you in.

Even though it has pretty good food, gaining entry into the place is similar to Flaco’s Tacos.

T.G.I. Friday’s-6600 S. Cicero
Exchequer Restaurant-226 S. Wabash
Panera Bread-2 N. Michigan Avenue
Osaka Express, Inc-400 S. Michigan Avenue
Flaco’s Tacos-725 S. Deaborn
Cafecito-26 E. Congress Pkwy

If you know of any restaurants in Chicago with great food and atmosphere whether accessible/not, feel free to share! Comment below/message me!

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