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Acai Dragon fruit Melon by Lipton

A fruity delicious green tea.
A fruity delicious green tea.
Michelle Johnson

A fruity green tea that goes perfect with lemon tea cookies or other sweets. Needs very little sweetener as this is a fairly sweet tea. The green tea aspect makes it very soothing and relaxing as well. You can close your eyes sip and see yourself escaping to a magical garden to be rivaled with Shakespeare's a Mid summer nights dream. The fruit flavors are refreshing and add the sweetness to your cup of tea. The perfect cup of summer tea; steep for 3-5 minutes or a little longer if making ice tea and sweeten with honey or your choice of sweetener. Also delicious with a splash of your favorite vodka as well. Know of any other delicious fruity teas, then please share and you may be featured in a future article.