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Academy Awards nominations predictions

Yay!  Up.
Yay! Up.

On February 2, the nominations for the 82nd Academy Awards will be announced.  Here are some predictions that will especially highlight the representation of comedy movies at this year's awards.  Remember, these are only predictions.

It won't be any surprise that comedies will be underrepresented at this award's show, but there are three comedies that may very well make impacts.  The first and most obvious prediction:

Up in the Air

This is a film that that the establishment loves.  It stars George Clooney and the movie focuses on human relationships and interactions.  There is also a parallel between that film and current society, such as people getting fired during a bad economy and new technology--like laptops and cell phones--taking over the old-school way of thinking.  Clooney will get a Best Actor nomination, and Vera Farmiga will get a nomination for Best Actress, but they'll both lose to Jeff Bridges and Sandra Bullock respectively.  Jason Reitman will get a Best Director nomination that he might win.  This film will not get a Best Picture nomination, and even if it did, it would lose to Avatar which has already grossed about 90 trillion dollars.

Here is a review of Up in the Air.  You can also watch it in your local theaters

Second prediction:

(500) Days of Summer

This is the type of film that will never receive a Best Picture Academy Award because the establishment wouldn't allow it.  It skews very young.  The love story is about young adults, and a lot of the vernacular caters to them as well.  However, the vernacular isn't cliche like many movies that write for young adults that make the characters sound clueless, with girls saying things like, "As if!" and males yearning nothing more than sex.  This film will not be (but should be) nominated for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, or Best Director.  Instead, the Academy will throw this film a bone for Best Original Screenplay, which it will win.  This one is to appease the hipsters and make the Academy seem "hip."

Here is a review of (500) Days of Summer.  Also, you can buy the DVD at your local Best Buy.

Last prediction:


With all of the fuss over Avatar,  which has probably made $30 million more since you started reading this article, people seem to have forgotten how wonderful this film is.  It's Pixar's greatest film, which is tough to say because they've made so many classics.  This film will undoubtedly run away with the award for Best Animated Film.  AND, if it were possible for an Animated Film to be nominated for Best Picture, this film would definitely be it.  It has something for everybody.  It's rated-G, but the gut-wrenching storyline is really catered for adults, while the beautiful/color visuals and talking dogs are for the children.

If you haven't seen Up yet, what's wrong with you?  You can purchase it now at your local Best Buy

Continue checking Examiner's coverage for details.


  • Sanchez 5 years ago

    UP was the ish. The fat boy reminds me of the dutch fat kid from the simpsons who loves chocolate. I want to live in the middle of the grand canyon and have no one know where i am at and no way of getting food or water. Brilliant story!

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