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Academy Award Winner, Paul Williams, Shares Stories of Inspiration

In the most superficial sense, being a star is often attributed to those celebrated individuals sprinkled with fortune and fame.

Mr. Paul Williams Performs at the Center for Spiritual Living in Orange County-slide0
Zoe F Lokich Images
Grammy and Academy Award Winner, Paul Williams performs at Center for Spiritual Living
Andrew Evans

But then there are the rare stars, the people who illuminate darkness. They glow because their purpose is to spread light wherever they go. Grammy, Golden Globe and Academy Award winner, Paul Williams radiates through both his musical and humanitarian efforts, making him an entertainment star that beams the brightest.

Williams performed on March 27 at the Center for Spiritual Living Newport-Mesa. He shared stories of inspiration behind his most famous songs such as Just an Old Fashioned Love Song, We've Only Just Begun, Evergreen, Rainy Days and Mondays and The Rainbow Connection. He was accompanied by his wife and some of the best soloists at the Center for Spiritual Living, including Arlene Kole, Nadine Risha and Daniel Nahmod.

After 24 years of continuous sobriety, Williams has enjoyed a generation of great success as both producer and songwriter. At 73 years old, he won a Grammy for best album of the year, when he paired up with electronic music connoisseurs, Daft Punk, for a song on their latest album, Random Access Memories. The track, Touch, is an intergalactic-sounding ballad with Williams’ signature heart-felt lyrics.

Williams, who was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2001, will publish his new book (co-written with Tracey Jackson) in September 2014 called Gratitude and Trust: Recovery is Not Just for Addicts. The book will cover six enlightening affirmations which will inspire both addicts and non-addicts alike.

“If I had one message to the rest of the world it would be that anything is possible,” Williams said as he ended the evening. “What we dwell on, we create. If you have that blind, wonderful faith, there is immense power in who you are and there is immense power in what you can do.”

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