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ACA/obamacare to reach 7 million paid applicants this weekend

Against a raging negative propaganda machine, ACA(Obamacare) clears 6,955,839 applicants Friday March 28, 2014, nevertheless. That's 6.9 million enrolled and paid applicants and 281,486 unpaid applicants according to

An enrollment of 7 million was set by the CBO as an adequate number for the new healthcare law to be feasible and operational. Latest update places ACA enrollment at 7,192,289 and counting.

With over 50 failed votes by GOP Congress to repeal the law and an incredibly undesirable initial roll out, the opening of ACA on-line, actually appeared 1 million applicants would be too challenging. Corporate media and President Obama dissenters fed off a daily menu of negativity and served it to anyone hungry for substantial or unsubstantial data.

California didn't listen to the rhetoric and enrolled over 1 million (1,201,000) applicants during the 6 month window from Oct. 1, 2013 - March 31, 2014 (with possible 2 week enrollment extension).

Eleven other States ignored the hype and had enrollments over 100,000 during the enrollment period.

Colorado - 106,000

Florida. - 442,087

Georgia - 144,665

Illinois. - 113,733

Michigan - 144,587

New York - 362,475

North Carolina- 200,546

Pennsylvania- 159,261

Texas - 295,025

Virginia - 102,815

Washington - 125,207

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