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AC/DC guitarist's stroke fuels more retirement rumors

At a show in 2008
At a show in 2008
Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

There have been conflicting rumors circulating, ones that are happy and ones that are not so happy about the legendary band's future. Amid reports that the band was calling it quits came news that the band had supposedly booked studio time to work on a new album, the first release since Black Ice in 2008. Now, it seems that the scales are tipping in the not so happy direction. It seems that founding guitarist Malcolm Young recently suffered a stroke which left a brain clot on his brain. Young felt that he could not play or perform like he used to, and it is likely that he will not continue with the band. Since the band also has a pact not to replace any member, it is more likely that AC/DC will be laid to rest. Young is currently resting at home with family in Australia.